QuickPeek: Swimming. Beach. Hanging out.

It was a peaceful night’s sleep and I was up at 8 am with the sunrise and it was exceptionally pretty with blue skies. I had a bit of a b’fast and after a while, the plan was to head to another beach nearby for some snorkelling. The hike up to the nearby beach of Ovahe was a nice one and the descent into the pretty secluded beach was rocky and steep.

The waves were strong and I figured with my lack of swimming ability, it was prudent to hangout and enjoy the sun instead of fight the current in choppy waters. It was a nice warm day to be in the beach and the pink sand with blue water was incredibly pretty to watch and listen to. Once the snorkelling session was done with, we hiked back to Anakena and waited for our friend to pick us up back to the village. We packed up and stuffed the van and after a 20 minute ride, were back in the cozy confines of Malu’s home.

I was pretty hungry and made a quick meal with coconut rice and a Jalfrezi with the leftovers. The food worked out well and after lunch we walked around town to shop for deals on bike rentals and catch a bit of free wifi to get in touch with some contacts. Once we had a basic sketch on things to do for the next couple of days, we headed back and hung out at home and knocked off to sleep.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 0
Comments: A beautiful day to be by the beach and much thanks to Malu and her friends, to have invited us!