QuickPeek: Waterfall hunting. Rest.

We had this really nice hostel in Presidente Figueiredo and though our original plan was to head up North for a few days, we decided to spend a couple of days here to hang about. Turned out the plan was a bit on and off. It rained for 2 solid days and it was great that we had a good place to stay in, at the same time, the rain prevented us from exploring the nearby waterfalls too. Hmmm.

Biking on the roads here was pretty, but very one dimensional. I’d have rode on towards north if that was the general direction we had to go, but given we were going to get back to Manaus, the idea of riding along the road with the non changing views of forests on both sides and no other views to be had was a bit of a dull prospect. It just reaffirmed my preference of riding in mountains as the views and vistas are just so much more inspiring to ride in.

The neighborhood of Presidente Figueiredo was filled with waterways and tons of waterfalls, the catch was also that all the little cascades were within Private lands and pretty much everyone of them was a paid entrance. We scouted a couple of spots that were free to enter and when the rains eased up in the late afternoon, we walked about and visited a couple of them. Though the falls weren’t ‘spectacular’, they were pretty and had some small swimming holes and a cave or two. So overall, our time in this town was enjoyable.

We took the opportunity to make some food and I tried my hand at making stuffed bell peppers and it came out pretty well. There was a small shop selling Acai and it was a great base to make smoothies. I suppose though there was limited choices of vegetables in the region, we managed to get decent meals overall.

Today the day started dry and pretty, but we decided to head back to Manaus and spend a few days with our hosts and hang out and settle some logistics before heading out again. So there, I suppose I won’t be moving about too much in the next little while and the blog shall take a hiatus till I get to the other side of the world.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 67.83
Comments: Hanging out is not a bad way to spend some time.