QuickPeek: Short ride. Hot day. Nice hostel. Good food.

It was a nice place to sleep. As night fell the weather cooled down and I even needed to get my sleeping bag liner to keep my feet warm. I was up at 4 Am and tossed around and just before light, it started to rain. I figured I might have to sleep in and wait the rain out. But around 6 AM, the wind turned and I started to get drenched. Ah, bummer.

I was up and had a bit of coffee and waited for the rain to stop. The family running the restaurant had to go to town and so we were left alone with a piece of sweet bread. At least something in the stomach to keep the legs moving eh.

Around 7:30, the rain eased up and we got on the road pronto. The route was rolling hills yet again and it was easier with rested legs, for sure. But after 10 km or so, it started to get back to a bit of a slog. Dang, I am out of touch. Anyhow, the day stayed a bit cloudy and whenever the sun peeked out, it was horrendously warm. The hills were just long enough to not be able to take the momentum to climb over. Had to slog a little bit to get to the top, every time.

As we got closer to Persidente Figueiredo, we spotted a Cafe and decided to stop for a drink. The place was expensive once again, but I discovered something I could eat – Tapioca pancakes. They just use tapioca flour on a hot plate and fill it with anything they can get their hands on. I got mine with bananas. It was easy to eat and felt like a load of energy, but at 10 reais, it was pretty pricy indeed.

We rode into town and passed signs for a couple of waterfalls. This neighborhood was popular for waterfalls and we headed straight to a tourism office to get advice on cheap hostels. I suppose we planned to take a day off, either to visit some falls or may be to just relax. We were pointed to a nice place run by a young girl from Santaerm called Green Hostel. The place was clean and well maintained and she was friendly. So we decided to stay there.

The day got much warmer and the thunderstorm didn’t do much to cool the place. We walked about town a bit, it was a small place and got some veggies to make dinner with. I made some Roasted pumpkin soup and a egg curry and it was nice to get some good flavours into the system. It was nice to spend the resting otherwise.

Track Notes

Route: Km76 to Persidente Figueiredo
Distance: 33 Km
Road: Asphalt with narrow shoulder.
Traffic: Sparse.
Services: One restaurant at Km77. Next one at 6 km before town.
Expenses: SG$ 30.59
Comments: Short but hot day. Lovely to be in a really sweet hostel.