QuickPeek: Boat Ride.

Amazon Journey Day 19

Being on the Amazon river had become familiar. There was a sense of sheer boredom, the landscape was monotonous, cramped quarters with lots of locals, strange etc… All this also accompanied with a sense of excitement and a thought that it’s an awe inspiring journey and not many people have the prevailing to be a part of. Like being on the Trans-Siberian, I suppose. There are very few journeys in the world that traverse a continent and a boat trip on the Amazon is definitely one of those.

I woke up to a cloudy day, the landscape was more of the same. But the thought that I am on a wonderful journey, put a bit of spring in the day and I started it in wonder. I was up at 5 AM, well actually 6 after the time change and walked about a little waiting for b’fast. The service started at 7, on the dot and they and had a pretty decent spread, some coffee, cakes, bread, cookies and some porridge. Pretty neat.

I decided to clean up a bit and took a shower. It was pretty neat bathrooms on this ship and was nice to wash off the grime. The rest of the time, I just hung about reading Terry Pratchett and lounging while awaiting for the next meal. Lunch was a bunch of meat selections, but they also had the salad which I decided to eat and took in two platefuls and pretty much followed the same routine for dinner too.

In the evening, we hung out on the top deck with a few other mates from the boat and it was fun hanging out. I got a bit peckish and it was nice to have a small store that made decent egg sandwich and that hit the spot! The sunset was lovely and soon it was lights out and time to cocoon up in the hammock with my book and get some sleep.

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Expenses: SG$ 4.75
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