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Amazon Journey Day 20

I was up early and it was before 6 AM. I walked about watching the sunrise and waited for the b’fast. I was second in line this time and got a good helping of the food and coffee, ahem. Around 6 AM, we passed thro the town of Manacapuru which seemed like a sizeable town, but the boat had not really stopped in any place for the past day or so, seemed like they were gunning it to Manaus for an early finish.

Around 9 AM or so, we spotted Manaus in the distance and the boat was a hive of activity with everyone getting their hammock’s down and packing up ready to disembark. We passed thro the commercial boat area and it was a big port with container ships and other commercial vessels. It was strange to see a container ship so deep into the continent, we probably were more than 1000 Kms from the Atlantic coast I’d reckon.

The boat docked around 10 AM and we took our bags and bikes off and got ready to leave. We had a fellow cyclist from Brazil who was on a tour to promote protection of the forests and we took some pictures and headed into town. Graton was a really sweet chap and wanted to show us a couple of spots in the centro. We went to a small shop selling Guarana, a really refreshing drink made from an amazonian nut. It was a super energy shot and was pretty lovely drink too. By itself, it was a bit bland, but they seemed to blend it with other fruits for flavour. I suppose it might be a great energy booster while riding around this region and I made a note of the shop to come back for supplies.

Krista’s bike was making some grinding noises and we decided to look for some bike shop in town to get it tuned up. Graton was well aware of the town and we rode together to find a nice bike shop. We found one and the feller was friendly and tuned up the bike. We also asked him if he could spare bike boxes since we had plans to fly with the bike. He had spares and we noted down the shop and decided to come back the next day.

In Manaus, we had a couchsurfing host and we had to while away time till 3 pm to get to their place. The day started to get warm and we decided to head up early to find their home and hang out till our appointed time. Around 2 pm, we found the address (pretty close to where we were) and after a few minutes of waiting, our host Fernando showed up early. Sweet. His place was cozy and he was a really friendly chap and had appreciation for outdoors. Himself and his girlfriend Larisse had recently been hiking in Patagonia and was nice talking to him about his trip. Larisse came up a little later and she was super friendly too and we chatted a while before she had to head out for a bit of work.

Later in the evening, we all got a bit peckish and decided to rummage stuff in the fridge and make a meal. A bit of potatoes, carrots, pepper, tomato and Onion with some spices from my bag made a decent stew and Fernando made some rice too. Larisse and a friend of her’s joined us for dinner and we ended up eating a nice bit of meal. A bit of flavor after a long while I should say! The idea of having a kitchen is a nice one indeed, especially a place where getting decent veggie fare is pretty remote.

We planned a bit of routes and stuff for the days ahead and knocked off pretty soon. Lovely to be in a home!

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