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Amazon Journey Days 13-16

We had decided to stay in the small town of Tabatinga in the Brazil side of this cacophony and the first couple of days had been hot. The internet in the Amazonias is pretty much dial-up speeds and it took me a good part of the first couple of days to get all my blogs posted and some work done to look for hosts in Manaus and manage some logistics. Of course, it was wonderful to be able to shout out and dispel thoughts of us getting caught in the Ecuador Earthquake. I have also received news that friends along the coast are all safe, but with tons of work needing to be done for rebuilding and resorting their lives. I hope good things come their way, tough times, but they are people with tremendous hearts and will get thro this one.

Continuing on my story, the food here in Tabatinga, the Brazil side, has been absolutely rubbish. I suppose part of the problem is because the language is new. I seem to understand a little, but the locals seem to be oblivious to anything I say in Spanish. Funny for a border town (with 2 Spanish speaking neighbours). The best we managed to find for vegetarian consumption was a sort of Egg burger, I had it for a couple of nights, skipped lunch its, but it didn’t really satiate hunger. Finding veggies to make salads was a bit hard too and things seem pretty pricy in town. I guess, border town in the interior Amazon only reachable by boat or plane has its pricing quirks.

I found an alternate place to stay where I managed to negotiate internet access and also b’fast for a lower price (50 Reals) and we decided to move there for the reminder of the days in town. On the third day it rained heavily and following that the weather remained cooler and pretty pleasant. The place was called “Evary Hostel” and it was more of a guest house where they decided to turn one of their bedrooms into a dorm. The family was super friendly and the space was clean and lovely with a nice lounge area too. They also had a pizza joint and offered to make us veggie pizza’s if we needed. They made decent pizza got 20 Reals and to me it was the best food in this town and we decided to eat pizza’s every night, heh.

We had heard that the Boat leaving on Saturday was the best one sailing to Manaus and decided to take it. It meant a couple of more days in this town, but we figured it might be a good idea to recover from the rolling motion of the boat journey. The standard fare was 200 reals, but early booking has a discounted 150 Reals price. Neat. We booked the tickets at the jetty and rode our bikes around town. I decided to go into Leticia for a ride around and was surprised to find that the Colombian town was a lot bigger with more services, restaurants, cafes and hostels. Dang, if I had a chance, I think I’d prefer to stay in Leticia. Tabatinga got pretty dull in the evenings and we ended up staying in and watching some movies.

Riding to Leticia became a daily routine and it was nice to ride around. Tabatinga had a saving grace though – There was a shop selling Acai (An Amazonian fruit) which made some really cool sorbet with the fruit. It was a bit pricy at 6 Reals for a big cupful, but with bananas and condensed milk, it was stunning and refreshing. Awesome indeed.

Apart from that, I suppose it was just a few days of waiting about and if anyone is interested, there seem to be at least 2 boats leaving Tabating for Leticia every week. However this week there were 4 voyages and it seemingly varies a bit. But really, once could find a boat leaving within 2 days of arriving in town for sure. There are numerous tourism trips to different parts of the amazon from Leticia, but honestly, I am happy to be on the main river and just cruising down at a gentle pace. Seems lovely enough to me.

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Expenses: SG$ 132.85
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