No I am not counting wrongly, I just wanted to make a separate post of our trip to Quilotoa, so there is a double posting for the day.

Quilotoa is a Crater lake in Ecuador and as we were making our way North towards Quito, we got pretty close, but decided to skip visiting it because of the weather. While hanging out in Tumbaco, we made some friends around town and Diana was one of the nicest people we met. Diana ran the awesome little vegetarian restaurant, Shalom, that we visited often. I offered once to show her some Indian Recipes and she invited us to her place for a cook out.

She was a keen hiker and one of the weekends, she planned to head out on a hike and invited us. As it turned out, it was a family outing and we were invited to go along with her close family. There were a couple of cars and they were heading to Quilotoa. it was an opportunity to hangout with some nice people and visit this awesome place too, so it was simple for us to accept the invitation!

We started off at 6 AM and headed out of town. The route was stunning, and the clouds were in and out and we hoped the weather would behave well when we reached the lake. The family had packed a lot of snacks and we stopped for a picnic when the weather was bright and headed to the lake.

The day was absolutely gorgeous, I suppose a lot more blue skies would have been ideal, but I enjoyed the dense clouds with blues peeking out. The lake had these colors showing up and constantly changing depending on where the light stuck. There was a hike around the rim of the crater and we decided to walk about on it for a bit. The trail was fantastic and after getting up to a different view point (Silly, the lake looked stunning regardless of where one was) some of us decided to hike further to get to the high point of the rim. It was a gorgeous hike and a nice warm up before we got on our bikes for the next short leg of our ride.

We returned for a bite of lunch and just as we were starting on our way back, it started raining hard, Visibility dropped to Zero and I was glad we didn’t come up here when it was raining like this all day long.

The return trip was uneventful, a lot of nice chats in the car and we were dropped of at 7 PM. It was overall, a fantastic day and it was awesome of Diana to invite us to go with her family.

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