B&M makes a shit ton of products, It takes a while to understand the nomenclature and figure out the differences between each of them. The one I have (can’t remember the actual name), has a light sensor, stand light and pretty good light output. You can go thro their website for more details on their other products and features.

The previous LED light I had, got burned out because I suppose I plugged it into a DC dynamo (I may be wrong, but it died). I enjoyed having a dynamo powered headlights on my bike and decided to get another and when I was getting some tires shipped to me, I got this light and added it to the package too. The research on lights is exhausting and eventually I decided to get the one light that was deeply discounted, ja ja. I am on a long Bicycle tour in the Americas and I mounted the B&M light in Mexico city and have been riding with them since – nearly 15 months of Rain, Sun, dust, mud and generally realistic Touring conditions.

The headlight itself is pretty light (weight that is), well designed, super weather resistant and works as prescribed. Mounting was a simple affair and the light output is pretty sweet. I do not like to ride my bike in the night, especially with touring load on. But there have been times when I get into twilight and even downright darkness and having a headlight helped matters tons. Often times, when in big cities, I join group night rides and go about town in the evenings to grab a meal or so. And having a light that just stays there and works when needed is simply perfect. I think having dynamo headlights just takes away another bother of looking in to see if the batteries are charges enough or if they are leaking.

The Senso version is pretty nice for me. I have my lights in Senso all the time and when things get a little dark, like I enter a small tunnel on the road or if it starts raining, the lights come on automatically and I suppose it improves the ability for others to see me. I avoid night riding as much as possible and like the idea of having lights in the Day time for visibility and I suppose this light works perfect for that scenario.

I suppose if all of B&M Products are made to this quality standard, I wouldn’t mind getting any of them at all for my use. As long as there is decent amount of light to see the potholes in the night, I’d recommend any of B&M head lights.

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