QuickPeek: Tattoo!

Sebas and Vinz were pretty chilled out guys and I had fun hanging out with them. I knew Vinz was a tattoo artist and as we chatted about, he mentioned how he was trying out a old school technique for making tattoo’s. The idea was to get rid of the machine and the weight and sound it makes and go simple with a simple pen with a needle as a tip. He wanted to find a way to hold ink in the pen and we talked about the mechanism he was developing.

Of course, I had this mini project of mine going and asked him what he thought of making a tattoo for me. He thought about it and wanted to do a sort of ‘mandala’ with a bike chain ring in the middle. To him the idea symbolised peace which is what he had found after moving to Nicaragua. Also, he felt the design would work well with the technique he had in mind. So there it was, a serendpitous session.

Vinz was meticulous and spent quite a long while working on it. What he made was pretty awesome in my opinion, the design was simple, but I think it was the process that made it memorable. It was nearly 4 hours before we finished up!

We headed off to a BBQ at a local hostel run by friends of my hosts. It was a nice place, a really old house turned into a pretty cute hostel. Was fun hanging out with people and a long day came to an end late. In the morning, it was going to be a long day’s ride, going to be a tough one that.

Track Notes

Route: Granada to -
Distance: 0 Km
Expenses: SG$ 90
Comments: Awesome to work in sync with an artist to make a cool piece of work... Need to do more of it!