Quick Peek: Rest. Tattoo. Craft.

I am going to keep this short. I planned for a couple of Days in Tegucigalpa and when I arrived here, I ended up at the Bomberos and planned to leave the day after. But I managed to get in touch with Daya, Denisse’s Aunt (Thank you Denisse), and She gave me instructions to get to her place. Turned out it was in the same neighbourhood I was in and I managed to get to her place in 30 mins.

I met Daya and her family and they were an extrapolation of Denisse and her family. Absolute Sweethearts. I originally planned to go around town for a day or two and head out, but as it would turn out, I would pretty much never leave the house for almost a week. And I still had a lot of fun!

I cooked a few meals, My spaghetti pomodero turned out to be a good hit and I made it twice! How about that! I found a good tattoo artist and he was plying his trade just in the neighborhood. I headed up to have a chat and was impressed with his work and commissioned a piece for my ongoing project. We had a couple of days of back and forth and I tried to keep my influence minimal. So eventually I ended up with a pretty cool stamp for Honduras.

I was about to head out the next day, but I ended up watching parts of a documentary on Sebastian Salgado. I was pretty inspired to make better pictures and that demanded I had easier access to my ‘better’ camera. That started me thinking about making an attachment to my handlebar bag to keep things organised. My first try with a piece of fabric, some milk bottle plastic and glue was an absolute disaster. But that failure just made me go at it with much more vigour and I headed out to pick up some more fabric, some twine, bits of plastic and I spent a good part of 2 days hand sewing what I needed. More details on that on the next post.

I just can’t thank Daya and Family enough for having me at their home, with power and water failures and giving me positive vibes as I hung out here and did a few personal projects.

Route: Tegucigalpa
Distance: 0 km (yay!)
Expenses: SG$ 264.16
Comments: I haven’t seen a bit of this city. But I have had the most awesome time here. Thank you Daya and Family!

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