I woke up to a beautiful sunrise in Bosque Ruderman. It has taken Carl many years to grow this grove, but I can see the appeal of growing trees. They are simply beautiful. I decided to sleep on the ground so I could wake up to the sun and that’s what I did. The birds were making their ruckus in the trees and it was zen in the middle. Thanks Carl for creating such a beautiful spot and also letting me stay there.

I headed to meet up with Carl and bid him farewell and had a really good cup of coffee! He also gave me one of his jerseys which is always useful I think and I headed on my way. I hope I would come back to join Carl on his San Pedro marathon or his 7 Volcanoes in 7 days attempt. Someday, for sure.

The ride out of San Cristobal started with a nice bit of hill. It was gentle, but I felt like I was hauling a ton on the bike. My leg’s didn’t have it at all, at 6% grade, I was on my granny gears. That’s really not right. I think my body needed a bit more time to get in shape. I made my way slowly up the hills and downhill, I’d coast slowly.

Valeria asked me if I was going to be afraid going downhill after the previous fall. I am not sure I was afraid, but I was definitely super cautious. I mind wouldn’t let me scream down the hills and my hands were super soft on the brakes and I was braking much more than I would have done before. I guess I would continue that till I get more confident with the bike.

Anyhow, after the first hill, I crested at 2800m and the route was rolling for a while and followed up with a super long descent. I was almost feeling chilly on the descent and got on my waterproofs. I could feel that the energy was draining out too quickly and decided to stop by the side of the road and rest for a while. That helped a bit and I stopped again for some lunch. This was probably the first time I had lunch for nominal price (20Q) in Guatemala.

I descended down to 1700m and there was a 200m hill to enter Huehue. The last bit was a super workout for me. On a regular day this ride would have been a nice gently one, but I felt like I had a super long day of severe workout. I figured another day of rest is needed to get back in shape.

In Huehue, I had contacted a warmshowers host and Arturo asked me to call him when in town. I got to a cafe and called and he showed up in 15 mins and led me to his place. A nice room, a good shower and a bit of rest was all I needed. Arturo was a journalist and had to head back to work. Too bad I couldn’t catch up much with him in the evening. But I’d be staying a day more and would have plenty of time to sync up!

Route: San Cristobal Totonicapan to Huehuetenango
Distance: 78 km
Ascent: 1116 m
Descent: 1535 m
Expenses: $ 4.75
Comment: The political paintings all along the route was an utterly sore sight

Track Notes