On my way down from Santa maria, I was a little off color. I had to stop for a bit and sleep it off. It would turn out to be a bit of an issue with the stomach with a mild dose of diarrhoea.

I came home form the climb and our (I have stayed with Ana and Mark so long that a guest at home is ‘our’ guest :-p ) Japanese cyclist, Ryuta, had finally arrived. He had his own bit of accident and rashes from Mexico and had to stay in one town for a month to recover. He had taken 3 days to head form the border to Xela because of breathing difficulties, not to mention the crazy climbing he had to do to get here. He was a nice chap to hang about with and in the evening I decided to cook up a nice mushroom mutter curry and some Jeera rice. It did turn out well and I was happy to serve Ana and Mark with some good food.

I was bit under the weather with the stomach not functioning to specs and Ana suggested that I get a lab test done to check for parasites. Mark showed me to the nearest lab and I had to take a bit to get the sample for the lab. See my digestive system had a bit of performance anxiety and refused to provide a sample, so I had to induce it with 4 cups of coffee, duh.

Anyhow, the test came out with a clean bill of health and the pharmacist suggested that the issue could be due to consumption of stale bread. Now I recalled I had some bread I bought at the village and ate at the summit of Santa Maria and that theory had some merit. So I took some medication and gulped it down.

Ana has been absolutely awesome with my unplanned extended stay. Honestly I have been enjoying my stay with them and the occasional chats we have had were filler with interesting topics of discussion. I felt bad to ask them for more time to recover, but she didn’t bat an eyelid and just let me continue until I recovered.

The two days were sufficient to recover and I was ready to hit the road on Sunday Morning. But then again, things would take a different turn. Lela wouldn’t let me go that easily.

Route: Xela
Distance: 0 km (Bummer)
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: $ 17.60
Comment: Down days, yes. But I am in a spot that’s as close to home as I can get. Perfect.

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