It’s been a week of no internet and I figured my audience needed some updates. So when We got to Flores, and got a hostel with wifi on, I spent most part of the night updating my blog and getting stuff posted online. Thank you, thank you, only the best for being a faithful reader :-p

It’s Semana Santa here and that meant a lot of crowd, what with a couple of weeks off for the entire country and all. Add to it the flow of regular tourists and this being a Saturday night. There was some street party that went on loud with fire crackers and what not, till 2 AM. The town is expensive to boot too.

The only dorm’s we could find was slightly more expensive than a private room shared between us. Ah well. Some times its not all about cost.

I spent the day just working on my blog and the videos and getting them uploaded and reading a book. We walked around a bit, but to me the sun was not very helpful in keeping me outdoors. I will have enough days of being exposed to harsh sun coming up and I didn’t see the point in walking around in a small tourist town.

Anyhow, a good rest day, a bit expensive start to Guatemala. And likely to continue in that vein for the next couple of days. But the costs would be brought back in the days ahead. Tikal, a super popular tourist spot beckons tomorrow.

Route: Flores
Distance: 0 km
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: $ 74.80
Comment: Found a really groovy restaurant to eat at!

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