It would be nice to express my thoughts and feelings about my time in Mexico in words. But to be honest, it would be inadequate and hard to really get the emotions across. I wonder how one could possibly convey 5 months of a combination of feelings, friendships forged, families found, fiestas, fun and all round fantastic times in a few short paragraphs. I guess I am not prolific enough in prose to make any decent attempt. Suffice it to say, go back and read my other posts.

I wanted to make a list of the awesome people I met along the way, but I was so afraid of missing someone that I decided not to. Some I met, some I rode with, some hosted me, some gave me a home and some gave me a bit of family. Thank you all for your time, friendship and company. You know who you are and I really appreciate every bit of help you have extended to me. It’s people like you who let people like me live the life.

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