I was up at 5 AM, and lazed around till 6 ish when everyone started to mill around. Time to be up and packing. We had all run out do drinking water and the only source around was the river, given it was right next to the cow ranch, it’d probably be a good idea to purify it.

We had been using Julia’s steripen most days, but this theme it called for a better filtration. Aish had given me his Katadyn gravity filter, which is pretty similar to the pump version that I carried in NZ. I hadn’t used this filter yet on the tour and for the task of filtering and filling up 12 or so liters, seemed ideal. The system was simple and worked like a charm (something I expect out of Katadyn products! Sweet! By the time we were done packing, all our bottles were full and ready to rock.

We headed down the few K’s to the store and had a bit of b’fast at the comedor. It was decent, and I need my morning fill before the ride can progress well. Our original plan yesterday was to get to this small town near Bonampak. So we figured we could shoot for it today and relax for a bit. The route out was a killer hill, about 300m high and 10% climb. It was hard work, but I was chilled out for the fact that the day would last just a couple of hours, heh. At the end of the hill, we stopped at a small store for some milk and rode into Bonampak. There was a 25 peso entry fee, bummer, and we rode into the small village which seemed like another community driven Eco tourism spot.

There were lots of camping options along the village and we rode to the end where we were shown a spot right next to a little stream. The guy charged I’d 50 pesos, seems standard at tourist haunts here. But the place was simple stunning. I hammock’d right next to a huge tree and the stream. The stream was a good place to cool down, bathe and relax. Can’t complain, I don’t see a reason to get out of Chiapas soon :-p

Route: Turnoff to Frontera Corazal to Lacanja
Distance: 30 km
Ascent: 396 m
Descent: 260 m
Expenses: $ 25.50

Track Notes