Alright, first up, I got to 10,000 Km on the road! On this trip! It’s funny how little bit on a daily basis adds up to quite a bit of distance over time. Something akin to long journeys and little steps that Confucious would talk about I reckon.

So I started form the little sleepy village of El Triunfo. I was offered some food for b’fast, pretty lovely people I thought. Mario, who hosted me yesterday suggested that I take the asphalt road out and follow along the highway. So I did. It was a bit of a drizzle when I hit the road at 8 and it turned out to be a wet ride most of the way.

It was pretty out and as I approached the National park, I spotted a small town and I decided to hit up for some internet. I got word from Alex that they were in a small town and waiting out the rain so I would be able to catch them. After a bit of ride, I got into the national park and the scenery changed to pretty dense jungle. It was a beautiful forest with some primary growth trees and lots of trails starting from the street. It was raining hard by this time and I was eager to find a spot to warm up and kept riding along.

The route was rolling and hitting up 10% often. Dang. Anyhow I got into the small town of Tziscao and rode around to spot my mates. I found them without much trouble at nice resort kind of place right at the lake. Seems like the lake didn’t have any sort of an outlet and the water levels were high. I founs a few houses and cabins pretty submerged in the high waters.

I found Alex, Julia and Margaret at the restaurant and hung out the afternoon playing some games and relaxing. It was raining all day long and there was not much to be done apart from sitting inside and trying to stay warm. The showers were hot though and It was nice to clean up a bit after a few days of being drizzled on. We decided to share the cabins, but at even 4 people to a room, it was pricy. Ah well, Can’t really put a price on a hot shower!

So that’s how my first 10K come to a close, The next 10K beckons!

Route: El Truinfo to Tziscao
Distance: 37 km
Ascent: 332 m
Descent: 344 m
Expenses: $
Comment: The first 10 K’s been a blasy. Heres hoping more fun in the rest of them!

Track Notes