I had been thinking about my ride to San Cristobal from Tuxtla. Eventually I decided to take a bus instead. Numerous reasons, the pretty good up hill is just one of them. Anyhow, I had quite a bit of time to get to San C and I did my b’fast and waited till Roberto was up. I bid farewell to Roberto and Adriana and its likely that I’d meet Jess again. Casa Cyclista in Tuxtla is a really nice spot. I was pretty pleased to see another bike action group fomenting and my best wishes goes out to them.

I rode up to the bus station and it was a matter of 50 pesos and 1 hour and I found myself up in the clouds in San C. I was looking out and the route did look stunning, I’d have enjoyed riding it, but there are lots of hills along the way anyway.

I had plans to meet up with Fernando, a friend of Marina, all the way back in Guadalajara. So first up was to find a cafe with wifi. I found a reggae bar which was a nice spot and I managed to get lunch too at 50 p. I contacted Fernando and we planned to sync up at 4 pm. I rode around the town to get a feel for the place. I should say the town is quaint. It’s got narrow streets and typical of tourist towns, many street vendors selling handicrafts. What was interesting to me was that there were many art shops and galleries. A bit hippish place this.

I met Fernando at 5 and he offered me his place in town which is a pretty comfortable room and literally a skip hop jump from the centro. It was really nice of him to give me a place to stay. He was in the process of moving his house and I suppose I wouldn’t be able to catch him too often. Anyhow, I walked around town in the evening and found a nice community run restaurant to eat dinner.

Feels like I might get to spend a few days here, the surrounding mountains are inviting me to take a hike.

Route: Tuxtla Gutierrez to San Cristobal
Distance: 0 km (yay!)
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: 25.70
Comment: An uncalled for bus ride, but who cares.

Track Notes