The winds in the nights were wild. The roar would start down the valley and reach a crescendo before it hit our cabin with a loud thud. I was awake at 7 and decided to head down to town to get some b’fast. Turned out the wind wasn’t stopping and its a good thing I decided to stay the day, too much wind in a windy downhill would be a hard day.

Had some expensive b’fast with paid internet, guess when tourism hits a village, it gets pretty spoilt. Still this is a far cry from hippievilles elsewhere which are spoilt beyond recognition. The fellers here a motley bunch, but pretty nice nonetheless. A guy from Iran who has been living around for years, a girl driving across countries with her dog, a Guy from Canada on a sabbatical, some guys from mexico just on a road trip and finally a couple of girls from France who travel around performing a puppet show to raise awareness about water.

A lovely chilled out spot and quiet up in the hills, guess I am not in a hurry to hit the hot weather down by the beach.

In the afternoon, I planned to go up the hills behind for a walk and a few others joined in too. it was a beautiful forest with some old growth pine trees and a really well walked trail. Was nice to be up in the hills, like hiking up some place in BC. We met some others at the top and it was nice to be hanging out in the forest like a picnic and shooting the breeze. It was late afternoon by the time I returned and I hung about reading a book and waiting for the sunset.

A quick dinner later, I snooze early hoping for less winds in the morning.

Route: San Jose del Pacifico
Distance: 0 km (Yay!)
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Expenses: $ 22.70
Comments: Good hike up the hills

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