Dengue is on the news in every place here and we’ve been warned about mosquitoes too. I suppose extra precaution to be taken for the next couple of weeks or so. We slept in the nice shed at Sandra & Eduardo’s place and It was nice to be back under a roof again.

In the morning Sandra made us some b’fast too (how awesome is that!) and Jean-Francois decided he had to keep going. He doesn’t want to stop at all. A really strong cyclist! So That’s goodbye to another nice riding buddy. JF felt a little like my Gramps. He had everything tightly organised and pretty much every thing he carried had its own little pouch! And they take a tight squeeze to get things in place, heh. We were similar in some ways, we like to be organised, have a tidy camp and a tight pack. On the other hand, Dani is a bit like Chris, when he camps, all bags are opened and he is surrounded by stuff, heh. More on Dani another time :-p

JF was fun to hang out with, we didn’t speak the same language, but some things as he would say, are International. And we would share a lot of jokes. I would say I’d been inspired to be a little more organised after hanging out with him. Some ideas on keeping the handlebar bag more utilitarian were really cool. Might result in a sewing project for me sometime :-p Fun riding buddy there!

After bidding goodbyes, its back to a Duo now, myself and Dani. I have a feeling we might ride a while together, given both are heading the same way. I would probably learn a bit more Spanish too I reckon.

Loreto is a pretty small tourist town and it was cute to walk around. The big attraction seems to be a snorkelling trip to the Isla Coronado. But it was a bit expensive, and I am not much of a swimming person. I’d spend the time reading a book by the beach than wade into the water. Instead, I managed to find a seamstress to double stitch the pockets in my shorts that are slowing ripping apart. So it was a nice little rest day for me and getting the bike cleaned up for the trip ahead.

In the evening I walked about town again, and it still feels like a sleepy place. I reckon the tourists start showing up in Dec when the Whales come by and after the Chill Sets up North. We saw the mision in this town, which incidentally was the first mission in the California! Some historical places these are.

Route: Loreto
Distance: 0 Km (yay!)
Ascent: 0 ft
Descent: 0 ft
Expenses: $ 20.00
Comment: Rest day Yay!

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