Travelling mates are a rare breed. It is so amazing to me that I have had the pleasure of meeting and travelling long haul with some of the best. Phil & Em in NZ, Andres and Chris in SEAsia and this time I managed to find yet another gem of a traveller in Krissi.

The speed at which to move, the distance to do in a day, the rest stops, timing of the stops, the attitude towards travel etc… are just the beginning. Travelling together is a lot more complicated than that. But every once in a while, you meet a person who clicks in place and simplifies the whole process.

Travelling with Krissi was a pleasure to say the least. We formed an implicit trust, one that comes without talking about. We had our quirks for sure, I complete her sentences, I ride slowly in front of her, I would weave in and out of traffic etc… All of those used to drive her mad. Ah well. She had her quirks too. But in spite of the differences, a bit of common bond kept us hanging out together.

We formed a tiny clique of 2 wherever we were. For a while it was a clique of 3 with Joe in. But eventually it was just the two of us. We’ve had a lot of adventures along the way, you might know if you are a regular reader and we’ve had some excellent times too.

But the nature of the travel is that we have to eventually part ways. There is a certain melancholy in parting, but the friendships made and sustained endure it.

Here’s wishing good luck and Happy Birthday to an awesome person. She’s pretty inspiring, someday when I learn to balance myself I shall take a snowboard lesson from her :-p

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