This morning Joon Leng invited me to his work place and I figured it would be nice to see how a proper software company functions. We drove up to his work place and along the way, grabbed a typical American b’fast. I am always amused by JL’s observations and he wasn’t too far off when he said the American Diners are equivalent to Singapore Kopitiams, heh.

The San Diego downtown was pretty quiet, and almost felt deserted. The office was right across the convention centre, the Mecca for all comic fan boys, the home of the largest Comic-Con. It was funny to see that the place was quiet, probably a far cry from the days when Comic-Con is on.

It was nice to see a proper office where people actually do some work after a long while. After brief chats with some of his colleagues, I decided to head back as I needed to do a few things back at home base.

I took the trolley and the bus and at the trolley station, I saw someone cutting the locks on someone’s bike. I noticed him and gave him a “What the fuck” look. He gave me a “What the fuck is your problem look”.Unfortunately, I didn’t actively interfere (I didn’t wish to be mugged in the middle of the street and the guy looked mean). I couldn’t see any policemen or trolley staff to make a complaint either. Bummed. But I did notice that the guy got a bit worked up because he was noticed and jumped on the next trolley. May be he has a criminal brother who’d pick the bike up, or maybe I saved someone their bike. I’d never know.

Just went to showing, I have been lucky to have my bike safe till now. I never bothered about locking my bike in all of SE Asia. Luckily I have been diligent about locking it in the Americas. I suppose, a first world country means they have first world criminals too.

I headed back and reorganised my bags a bit. I had decided to go on ahead with just my hammock as my shelter (bit of a gamble I reckon, going into the desert). But given the chance to reorganise, I am getting rid of some of the weight.

So off to the Post office and along the way I made a stop to get an additional backup battery I could charge during my ride (all adds up to the expense, but hopefully useful in the long run). My bags are a bit lighter and I have more space to play with. In addition, I am still packing some food left over from the previous resupply and if the food situation in Baja is easy, then I might start reducing the amount I carry. Yippie for lighter loads!

So there it is. A nicely spent rest day!

Route: San Diego
Distance: 0 Km (Yay!)
Ascent: 0 ft
Descent: 0 ft
Expenses: $ 215.00
Comment: One last burst of expenses should see me cranking for a while.

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