I was up at 7 this morning, but with the daylight savings starting into effect, it was actually only 6 AM. Still who cares about what the clock says, Sunlight means I should be up and be cycling 🙂

We didn’t have much distance to go today, about 80 km I reckon to the San Onofre campground. So we started sluggish and decide to wait a bit and meet Paul before heading out. We were fed a nice b’fast and coffee and we headed out towards the beach.

Once at the beach, it was a lovely bike path for about 20 km or so. This was beautiful and being a Sunday, the weekend bikers were in full gear and riding hard. There were many families on picnics and hundreds of surfers dotting the water waiting for their swell. It was slow, but really beautiful riding thro this bit.

At the end, we had to get on the highway a bit here and there and follow along some bike path throughout the day. It was well marked and the GPS was showing pretty decent routes too and the ride was generally enjoyable.

One thing that bothered me was that the middle chain ring, which I ride on most of the time, is pretty worn out. I couldn’t find a replacement at Bikerowave and whenever I put load on it, the chain would slip. It was causing a bit of an issue at every uphill and I had to consciously avoid being on it. The other two chain rings do a good job of providing sufficient gearing, but I think I prefer the middle one more so I don’t have to twiddle too much with the shifters. Well, will have to look it up in San Diego.

As we entered the town of San Clemente, the bike route became a bit of a treasure hunt. The route would twist and turn into small residential roads and they were pretty playful with ups and downs too. Was fun following that. At the end of that it was a nice little separated bike path along the highway and we reached San Onorfe.

We were in for a bit of a surprise as the campsite was closed for the season. Shit! The perk ranger couldn’t let us stay, but did make a gentle suggestion that we could wild camp in the park. We didn’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night and opted to ride back 6 k’s to the previous campground. It’s always a bummer to ride back, but I suppose it was better than being woken up in the middle of the night.

We got lucky though as the park ranger at San Clemente State park was super nice and gave us the site for 12$ (50% off of the regular), Score! This turned out to be a really pretty campground and after all the niggles we’ve had with the SoCal State parks, San Clemente soothed all! A lovely sunset and a good dinner later, I headed into my little cocoon to sleep, at 6 PM, duh, daylight savings, I am going to be up at 5 AM now!

Route: Huntington Beach to San Clemente State beach Campground
Distance: 85 Km
Ascent: 1700 ft
Descent: 1600 ft
Expenses: $ 15.13
Comment: A fantastic campsite to end the camping season in America.

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