I spent a long time in the evening swapping stories with David. He had ridden across Japan and it must have been fascinating to ride thro there I reckon. Japan always has a fond space in my heart and I hope someday I’d spend a while travelling there. It was nice to pick his brains on the routes and places he has been to.

In the morning, David was making b’fast and cooked up a bit of a storm, eggs, potatoes, salad, toast. The works. I had a really good stuffing and followed up with y usual job of doing the dishes. heh. We rode out to the Hermosa beach where Krissi was staying and ate a piece of cinnamon roll she had saved for us from ber b’fast. Never hurts to have a 2nd b’fast I think.

David was excited to join us for a short ride in the morning and we were happy to have him ride along and always happy to get another person motivated to get back on the bike. Since he was local, he also knew the good roads to take. But unfortunately we ended up on a really busy PCH. It wasn’t too bad, but we later realised that with a bit of a detour, we could have been on a quieter road. Ah well.

The route passed the LA and the Long Beach Port. It was pretty large by my reckoning and pretty busy too from the looks of it. I might have taken pictures for the benefit of some of my friends still in the business, but the road was too busy to stop, so there. You guys imagine cranes, yard, containers, railroads, etc… Nothing new there.

We reached Long beach which was a cute little town. We split ways with David and headed on along the nice bike paths along the beach. So much better than being on a highway. We rode along to Huntington beach where our next host was. This was an easy route and we got there pretty much in the early evening.

Turned out Paul, our host, had a family gathering and it was totally amazing that the bunch of people were all curious about us and were super welcoming… Paul incidentally had done the same route we had done and it was fun chatting. It was funny when casually some one mentioned that Paul runs long distances and we learnt that he had actually run across America. Friggin 3000 miles! Amazing indeed.

As we chatted a while and talked about walking, running, cycling etc. We ended up discussing a lot of gear and I suppose we got involved for a while discussing navigation, tracking, batteries, charging, and all sorts of stuff which I have been kind of relying to keep the blog updated and running and over time settled into a rhythm with.

It was nice to talk about it and realise that the setup I have going seems reasonable and is working well over the years. And always glad to find another data slut to share information with, heh. Paul was a cool chap, very inspiring and I am pretty stoked to bump into him here.

Route: Hermosa Beach to Huntington Beach
Distance: 63 Km
Ascent: 750 ft
Descent: 850 ft
Expenses: $ 6.25
Comment: Family gatherings are awesome. There is tons of food to go around :-p

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