The plan today was primarily to get my bike looked over. Joe, my fellow cyclist in OR and CA, had recommended that I come by his bike Co-Op, Bikerowave, for that.

I had an appointment at noon and I took my time to hangout at the hostel and eating a hearty b’fast before starting off. The Co-op was about 20 Km away, but luckily most of it was on bike paths. So I rode up along the beach and followed Joe’s directions and got to the Co-Op round about noon.

Joe was waiting for me and we caught up and I got him up to speed on the Journey since we split.

Bikerowave was a cool bike shop and to be honest, way better equipped and clean than the other co-op’s I have been in. This looks pretty much like a proper bike shop, but with a cool community vibe to it. I took a quick tour and Joe pointed out a few things that might need fixing. The Bottom Bracket, was starting to tick a bit and that was ready for a change for sure. The chain was stretched too much and Joe suggested it might need a change too. One of the chain rings was starting to wear out, but there were no spares in shop and I suppose I would have to leave it for the next round of upgrade.

I had asked Joe to teach me to fix things and he was pretty nice in pointing me things I should look for and how to remove and fix stuff, but left me to myself to do the actual work. I see what he meant, when he said, “I’m Patient”. He was a good teacher and allowed me to do things my way and would just pop in once in a while and see if I needed any help.

I also took the opportunity to clean the bike. I took a couple of hours for the whole job (way more than needed by a trained mechanic), but was glad that I learnt how the whole thing worked and how it should be fixed. There is a bit of innate pleasure in fixing things I think.

After cleaning up, we decided to grab some food and we headed to an Indian-Myanmar food joint. The food was great and reasonably priced. Glad to eat some spices here. Joe rode with me up to the beach and we parted ways again. and I headed back to the Hostel.

I planned to head out to my Warmshowers host’s place for the evening and rode up the next 5 km after packing some of my bags. Krissi decided to stay in the hostel and I figured I’d pick them up in the morning.

I reached David’s place and he was in Halloween costume and giving away candy to the kids. We hung about and talked travel for a long while as parades of kids in costume walked by asking for candy. It was a lovely place and I’d have liked to hang out for a day or so more to chat with him I think. Ah well…

Route: LAX Ride
Distance: 54 Km
Ascent: 750 ft
Descent: 750 ft
Expenses: $ 71.25
Comment: Yippie, Learnt to fix the bottom bracket!

Track Notes