Staying with Chris’s family was such a treat. It was a total blast and I have one more mum on my list!

Maureen, Marty and Maggie made me feel like I am back in the cozy confines with my family! I can go on more, and more,. But nothing can describe it as “I was at home”.

As it turned out we stayed longer then I planned to, but it was difficult to get my ass up back on the bike. In the meantime, I recovered from my flu and kris I caught it I reckon. The additional day did a world of good for her and i spent the time getting some essential upgrades to my kit.

The biggest one was that I traded in my phone for an iPad mini. The phone wasn’t keeping good battery and given the mini 2 dropped prices, I ended up picking one. I also found a use based battery charger for the camera and that might be useful when it’s time comes. I also decided to go ahead with just my hammock and picked up some lengths of ropes.

In addition, I have been offered USB charging systems from Sinewave cycles and Sunup Eco. I spent a while fixing them on the bike and now I am oozing electricity thro every pore! Setup posts, an initial review and a couple of long term usage reactions would come later. Both these companies were fantastic to correspond with and all I offered them was honest user review on my site! Great!

I spent a while researching routes in Baja and have had some good advice on routes and logistics. So I am feeling pretty good about going forward.

All said, it has been a productive few days and Again, words can’t express how amazing the days have been with Maureen, Marty and Maggie!

Route: Santa Barbara
Distance: 0 Km
Ascent: 0 ft
Descent: 0 ft
Expenses: $ 312.63
Comment: Good times, really good times.

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