The campground was beautiful indeed and ought I was up at 4 am or so, I snuggled in for a while in the cool morning and waited for the sun to be up before getting out.

We packed up after b’fast in leisure and that’s when I realized I don’t really have my next hist’s address. Ouch. Ah well, I had sent him a message and figured we’d be able to check in when we had wifi, along the way.

He route was flat and we rode into the town of Malibu, checking out the expensive real estate lining the entire stretch. Houses were huge to say the least and perched up on the mountains and the ones by the beach, were literally on the beach. Lots of surfers were running out from their homes to catch the morning swell and it was fun riding along the beach. Part of Malibu had a bit of a traffic jam and I was feeling smug with a snarky smile as I overtook the Porsches, the mclarens, the AMG GT’s and a host of other expensive cars stuck in traffic.

We stopped before Santa Monica for lunch and rode along the bike path. The marina we passed had literally thousands of boats. I am starting to see where the Singapore ultra rich get their inspiration to spend money from. The bike path was pretty winding through the wide beach and beautiful to ride in. The meat market was out in full force, as it was yesterday. I suppose it’s to be expected in a affluent tour as his is and I also suspect a lot of the crowd here are out of work actors and wannabe movie stars. Just a guess. It was fun riding thro for sure, real eye candy.

At one point I missed krissi, we tend to ride within shouting distance in urban areas and I rode back a few km to see she had a flat. Bummer. But not bad, her first flat in 6000 km. I had stopped at a couple of cafes but haven’t gotten a message back from out host. Dang. We eventually decided to hangout at a Starbucks till it got to 6pm and as a backup looked at potential hostels nearby. As luck would have it, there was a hostel, and in the worst case, we’d not have to wild camp in urban beaches.

Route: Sycamore canyon campground to Hermosa beach (LAX)
Distance: 90 Km
Ascent: 1150 ft
Descent: 1200 ft
Expenses: $ 56.25
Comment: The beaches were stunning!

Track Notes