As if I plan all the other rest stops, heh.

The gist of the story is that we came up to Jerald’s home and were shown a nice cozy corner to sleep in and we, the Cooking – Dish washing duo, decided to make a dinner. During dinner, Tom offered to show us some Mountain Biking routes, Krissi the exponent decided to ride them, and I in my infinite wisdom, chose to stay in and rest, heh. So a rest day it is.

Lets rewind a bit. We are in a super sports household. Everyone in here, is an absolute athlete and pretty much each of them is a bike nut too. As we talk, I hear fleeting comments like, Dillon does triathlons and is trying to do an ironman. Or, Kevin rode the London-Edinburgh-London Rando event in 106 hrs. Or, Christiana rode up meet us mid way yesterday to keep us company. Or, Jess just came back from working in the San Fran Half Marathon! The list just goes on. And Jerald and Tom are avid Mountain bikers apart from giving touring a go once in a while.

The best part was that in spite of being such avid endurance athletes, they looked at me and Krissi and were genuinely interested in what we do (we do a gently ride of 50 miles in a day and finish up at 2-3 pm and stuff ourselves with food, heh). I suppose its the mutual appreciation of the outdoors that bonds people like us.

It was a fun evening and I spent the day roaming around town, getting food and looking for spare batteries for my GPS. There is a cute little downtown with some really old buildings and interesting shops nestled within tons of cafes and food outlets. It was fun and nice to take a day off, as usual.

This evening the crew gathered again and we ordered pizza’s and hung out more. What was amazing was that even after the initial enquiry of where are you headed, where you started from, etc., the conversations kept flowing. I guess we just made fast friends out here!

Route: San Luis Obispo
Distance: 0 Km (yay)
Ascent: 0 ft
Descent: 0 ft
Expenses: $ 129.38 (don’t ask)
Comment: The company was absolutely awesome.

Track Notes