I was up really early, may be 5 am or so and forced myself to stay in the warm sleeping bag. It has been getting dark and chilly early these days and I end up crawling into the sleeping bag after it gets dark at 7 pm. I read a bit, but 12 hrs is a really long time to stay in bed I think.

Anyway, we had an earlyish start from the campsite and our first order of business was to find wifi. We found it soon enough in the next town and I got a cup of coffee and emailed Jerald (he was cool and offered to host us for the night in San Luis Obispo). I updated by blog and set out on the road again.

I scouted 4 cyclists up ahead and tried to use them as a target and put my head and rode hard. The route was flat and fun to stretch the legs a bit. I caught up with them and was chatting with the lady who was bringing up the rear with a pretty long flag. I thought that was a good idea on the bike. As we chatted about my travels and things I was doing at work, she mentioned the guy up front might be interested in my work as he was from Cloudera (which is a consulting group for implementation of cloud services with hadoop etc…).

The group was riding slow and I went up to the head and caught up. Turns out the guy was the founder of Hadoop. Say What! He was Doug Cutting and is a pretty prominent feller in the open source software movement too. Dang! We rode together for a bit and we spoke of a variety of things. It was fun to talk tech after a while.

At the next town we parted ways and I rode up to catch up to krissi. She had met a local cyclist Ian who was a nice chap and offered to show us some of the quieter routes ahead. He took us thro some pretty neighbourhoods and some nice bike paths which avoided the highway for pretty much all of the way. We stopped at a really nice cafe for another dose of coffee and we headed towards the last stretch of the road.

We parted ways with Ian and met another group of cyclists who were on warmshowers and were willing to host us for the night! We had to politely tell them no, because we had an appointment to meet up with Jerald in the evening.

We got into town pretty soon (Flats + Tail wind = I am superman) and we hung out at the Starbucks till 6 PM so that we could get to Jerald’s place before 7 pm.

San Luis Obispo is a nice university town and has a good vibe to it.

Route: San Simeon State Park to San Luis Obispo
Distance: 69 (+5) Km
Ascent: 1750 ft
Descent: 1150 ft
Expenses: $ 22.50
Comment: Meeting Doug Cutting on the road was a pleasant surprise.

Track Notes