I should say the day was more interesting than the title suggests, but let me get to the dream bit first. I learnt yesterday that the hoard of mustangs on the road are rental vehicles and nearly all of them driven by European tourists. Funny that everyone wants to uphold their cultural superiority when at the end of the day, they are all sold to commercialisation and the marketing hype. Let me explain again.

America’s was occupied by people who left Europe and they seem to always feel nostalgic about the ‘romance’ of Europe and everywhere I turn, I can see bits of continental influence here. Most prominent are things you notice in tourist spots, ski towns try to look like it was part of the Swiss Alps, for instance. But the 20th Century America has mostly steered clear of this and has created an American ideal that is a variety of things, but mostly sold thro strong branding and marketing and advertising helped with the popularity of the movies and TV. I guess most people who have had a whiff of money wants to live the lifestyle that’s advertised. I guess the richer tourists from Europe probably also bought into this and are blazing on the Highway 1 in their mustangs living it for a wee bit before they get back to their regular lives where such over consumption is probably shunned upon. I guess I may not be making sense, but that’s the extent of creative writing I can muster in me I reckon.

Anyway, back to scheduled post.

We had a big campground yesterday and though we didn’t have showers, the campsite was lively with the two guys from San Luis Obispo (Jerald and Tom) and the trio of elderly cyclists from San Diego. We managed to stay up till 8 pm though it got pretty dark at 6:30. We started the day with 2 nice hills and I was feeling good after being on a dose of Panadol for the night. I guess a couple more days and I’d be fighting fit again.

I rode pretty well and as I got to the descent there was a coffee shop where I got a drink and waited up for the others. Jerald was nice and invited us to stay at his place in San Luis Obispo! Awesome. I guess we could get a good shower after the few simple wash up days in these state parks.

The rest of the day was sowed down due to the stop overs at the elephant seal colonies. As it turned out, we were riding thro some of the beached where the elephant seals decided to make their home and the female’s were basking in the beach and the juvenile makes were practicing their mating ritual in the waters. Sounds like humans to me. We stopped a few times, and enjoyed their little quirks, grunts and the general cuteness of these beasts.

By the time we got past them, we were on the falt’ish valley and not very far to go to the next campsite. We planned to take a short day given that I was nursing this wee bit of flu and krissi was having issues with her knee too. I guess we are ready for a rest day already heh.

I stopped to get a quick snack at a touristy joint next to a super kitschy place called the Hearst Castle (Hearst, I reckon was the character imitated by Orson Welles in Citizen Kane). Hearst, by all accounts was a crazy guy (say what you may, but if you brought a polar bear to the Californian Desert, you are crazy… I recall Singapore brought 2 polar bears, heh). He just had too much money and in his hubris wanted to do too many things. Along the way we even saw a bunch of Zebras roaming near the road side. Hearst brought them to his ranch. duh.

Anyway, we got to the campsite pretty early and found a decent spot to hangout for the rest of the day. Tomorrow, we might have a roof and a shower too!

Route: Plaskett Creek Campground to San Simeon State Park
Distance: 58 Km
Ascent: 2200 ft
Descent: 2350 ft
Expenses: $ 31.88
Comment: Nice bright day with Elephant seal sightings!

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