Our plan today was to seek some hikes in the redwood forests and so we planned our route around it. The morning started with the campsite having some sort of function to recognise the donors who helped preserve the forest. We hung out for a bit and eventually decided to keep moving.

The ride to the first hiking spot, Stout Grove was short and along the way I picked up some cinnamon roll as a snack. The grove was stunning with some amazingly tall redwoods. These are probably the tallest trees I have ever seen. Dang the forest is awesome. The walk was short and we spent a while taking pictures and admiring them.

We rode out and followed along a hard packed gravel/mud road that led us to the next trailhead. The road was pretty quiet except for a few cars who were driving about slow and checking out the forest too. When we got t the trailhead, it said it would be a 4 hr out and back route and I ate my cinnamon roll and headed in. The walk was mostly gentle with a few grades, but overall was a nice walk on well graded track. We walked about chatting along the way and eventually reached the big highlight which was the Boy Scout Tree. This was a really large specimen and pretty imposing too. I decided to take an obligatory tourist shot and we walked up a little to the end of the trail which was a pretty low flowing waterfall. The walk back was pretty straightforward and got back to the trail head within an hour.

The way out was a bit of a still hill to ride up and it was a workout after the walk. The descent was pretty steep into Crescent city and it was almost 2+ when we got to the visitors centre. We enquired and figured out that the Nickel Campground 5 miles out of town would be a good spot to stay at and given it was free, we didn’t have to think twice.

We rode up to a safeway for resupply and the local starbucks for internet and by the time we got to the campground it was nearly 5 pm. The route to the campsite was pretty and after hitting an overlook we had to ride down a dirt trail to get to the site. The place was secluded and almost hidden from view but with an easy access to a stunning beach. We did a quick dinner and given that the day had clear skies, we decided to head into the beach fox a nice sunset.

The sunset was gorgeous indeed with no clouds and I could see the sun go down into the horizon as a ball disappearing into the ocean, I recall spending many evenings with Dad & mum in Bali trying to get one good bit of sunset, but we weren’t lucky. I guess the slow sunset video will be specially for my folks…

Route: Jedediah Smith Campground to Nickel Creek Campground
Distance: 45 Km (Bike + Hike)
Ascent: 1800
Descent: 2250
Expenses: 30$
Comment: The redwood forests are amazing indeed…

Track Notes