The morning started well with some sunshine and blue skies. It was nice to see sun after a few days. Yesterday, Krissi’s Bike was working badly and Joe diagnosed it as a workout bottom bracket. My bike had a bit of a ticking noise too and seems like the bottom bracket is getting to the end of its life. So we decided to spend a bit of time at a bike shop and see if they could fix both the bikes.

We rode into town, got some supplies for food and headed to the bike shop. They would open only at 10 and so we spent a while at a coffee shop and I did my internet stuff. Once the bike shop opened, they figured that Krissi’s bike was in a bad shape indeed and the bottom braced needed to be changed. The mechanic was nice and offered to drive up to the next town to get the spares as they didn’t have any. My bottom bracket was tightened up and it seems fine at the moment. I guess it will be fine for the next 1000 or so Km, but will get it checked in at the next big town anyway.

We had to wait for a couple of hours and I sat at the cafe reading a book and getting some lunch. The bike was ready at 1 pm and we decided to head on south as the next camp ground was just 40 or so km away.

It was a very flat ride and we had a few back roads to take instead of the 101, which was nice. Along the way, we crossed the last of Oregon bridges and ended up at the state border. Well, Hello California.

We rode in the back roads a while ad finally got on to the highway 197 which was a road thro a nice redwood forest. These were secondary forests, but the trees were still impressive. I love big trees and it was awesome to ride thro the, We reached the campsite at the Jedediah state park around 4 pm and the biker campground was in a nice grove with super huge redwood trees. Awesome. Just that it was a bit difficult to get the hammock setup around these monsters. I managed to find a spot to sneak it in and spent the evening walking around the river and the trees.

I was informed that the Californian state parks had a bit of a funding issue compared to the Oregon ones. It became obvious when they charged for showers and after I paid for it with a few quarters, all I got was freezing cold spray. Brrr. Pretty much took the shortest shower I could and ran out to stay warm. Looks like the next few days among these giant forests is going to be a lot of fun.

Route: Harry’s Beach Campground to Jedediah Smith Campground
Distance: 45.5 Km
Ascent: 850
Descent: 850
Expenses: 38.44
Comment: The First sight of Redwoods was awesome

Track Notes