We had a rest day yesterday expecting rain, but that never showed up after the lashing we got in the night the day before. Yesterday night was calm and at one point I even saw stars.. So much for the forecast.

As I woke up there was a bit of a shower and I took my own time to pack up and leave. Anyhow, we had a real short day ahead and we even headed into a b’fast joint to grab a meal and coffee before getting on the road.

We hit the road proper at about 10 and gently made the way up the hills. There were a couple of girls from Portland who were riding the coast too and we rode along for a bit. Mostly bumping into each other over the multitude of view points along the way.

The day was a bit weird with the weather coming in and out and the sun would peek out at one moment and the next there would be a bit of a shower. After a couple of hours the rain started and poured down in buckets for about half an hour. It was bit of a mess, but not too difficult riding really. There were numerous view points along the way to stop off and relax the lags. Eventually we ended up at the campground in Brookings at 2 pm or so and I found a decent spot to hang the hammock and had a nice long hot shower to warm the body up.

I ate the 4 day old bread I have been carrying for a while and relaxed the rest of the evening. There were number of cyclists in the campground tonight, almost like every cyclist here is following the book and staying at the prescribed campspots. It’s nice to meet a bunch of cyclists along the way and find out the routes and journeys they are on. Its such a far cry from rising in SE Asia where we rarely meet other cyclists. I guess the coast is popular for a reason.

Route: Gold Beach to Harry’s Beach Campground
Distance: 48 Km
Ascent: 1900
Descent: 1850
Expenses: $ 21.25
Comment: A mixed bag of a day, but a nice ride though

Track Notes