Yesterday night, the hiker-Biker campsite was in a bit of a bog and there were no sizeable trees to hang my hammock in. I could have found a spot outside though, but decided to pitch my tent instead for convenience. As it turns out, the tent has a lot more space for gear storage, which is my only complaint with the hammock, otherwise the hammock feels like a better sleep option to me. Hmmm.

Anyhow, we started pretty late again, about 9. But given the mornings are dark till 7+ and gloomy, I wouldn’t start riding before 8 for sure. And the days are visibly getting shorter and I would prefer to stop before 5 so I have a couple of hours of light to do dinner. Good for the body, but not for distance I reckon.

Da Yi was still packing and we bid him farewell and headed south. Krissi found out about a cove at the end of the road which was famous for seals and sealions hanging out. So we detoured there first and as we neared we could hear the loud barking of these animals. An old couple had binoculars which they lent to us and we got a close up view too. Nice to do some wildlife watching once in a while.

As we headed out, we hit the big climb of the day, the Seven Devils Road. It kicked up strong at the first summit and then rolled along a bit and would kick up again to the next one. The name is appropriate since there were 7 crests to summit and each of them kicked up to 11% grade as we got to the top. It was a bit of a workout, but fun too. Someone had pained comments on the road as we crest each one and it was something to look forward to. I felt strong and went on ahead. The views were really nice as we got up to 500 ft and I actually enjoyed the ride much.

It was a long ways away and I stopped off at the highway to regroup. We headed on and spotted a lighthouse and figured we might do lunch there. The place was nice and the lady volunteering there told us about a nice ice-cream place in town.

After lunch we headed to the creamery which has some fantastic soft cheeses (I must have tasted all of them I reckon) and we got ourselves what we came for. The Kid’s size cone was about half a pint of ice-cream and cost 1.5$. Dang!

As we headed out, it was almost 2 pm and I was thinking we should find a campground at 4. Krissi seemed pretty spent after the workout in the headwinds yesterday and I rode along giving her a pull against the winds which started again.At some point we lost Joe, bummer, and hoped he’d wait up some place around 4 PM.

As we neared 4, we found a small town of Langlois and asked around for a campground. The Floras lake and its Boyce Cope campground was about 4 miles out and we decided to stop there. This place was pretty beautiful and with hot showers and good views too. I suppose I should try to look for some of the quieter campgrounds than the popular ones that are mentioned in the Cycle-The-Coast bible every one seems to be carrying and following.

Anyhow, a nice dinner later, we joined the neighbour for a fire and knocked off to sleep hoping the rain would stay away. Tonight I have a pretty decently hung hammock and hope to stay dry even if it rains!

Route: Sunset bay State park to Boice-Cope county park
Distance: 87.5 km
Ascent: 2300
Descent: 2200
Expenses: 18.13
Comment: Threatening rain is still not here. Fingers crossed it stays away.

Track Notes