I have to make a recurring comment on the hammock experiment… yesterday I didn’t have much safe to put up a tarp and decided to sleep under the stars instead. It was supposed to be a dry night, but as the evening wore on, it turned out cloudy and some condensation of the fog. I decided to risk it and sleep in without a tarp anyway.

Thro the night there was drips of water falling from the trees and it woke me up a few times. Ah well. In case of doubt, put the tarp up. Lesson learnt. I was pretty much waking up regularly, but I did sleep really well though. Joe was sleeping without a tent and he was up early due to the spitting rain and I followed in a while. By 7 we were setting up b’fast, but it took a while for us to get going, almost 9.

The day was super cloudy and spitting rain a bit and I was in my waterproofs all day long. The temperature was in the teens too and a bit chilly while riding. I suppose I wasn’t missing much as the route was pretty narrow and cooped between trees and no views to boot. Which meant we could put our head down and crank some distance. The first stop was to be at a lighthouse and as we passed thro the town of reedsport, I spotted a cool cafe and decided to stop for a quick coffee. The place was pretty cool with lots of antiques and the coffee was great too. I even had a burger and did my wifi stuff too. Actually the place reminded me of a cafe from back to the future series and they had a dance floor too, wouldn’t be surprised if the “enchantment under the sea” happens here every year.

As we started, the flag was fluttering like mad indicating strong head winds from south. dang. We rode up to the light house and hung out for a bit. It was cute as most tourist attractions catered towards elderly folks is.

The ride after that was a bit of a torture in headwinds and was about 50 km of putting the head down and pedalling. I stuck to the back of Krissi and she refused to be pulled so it was drafting, which was a lot of work too. Along the way, we met a Taiwanese cyclist, Da Yi who was struggling in the wind and we joined him in our train. A big bridge climb later we were at a town where we got some groceries.

The route was a bit complex from there and since I had the gps, I decided to lead the 4 person train for the next 15 km. It was intense work and I managed to keep a good pace going in the strong winds. We got into the campsite before 5 and it was a rapid session of pitching camp and cooking and eating before dark.

Overall a fun day on the road, bit intense, but good none the less.

Route: Honeyman State park to Sunset bay State park
Distance: 92.5
Ascent: 2450
Descent: 2500
Expenses: 30.63
Comment: Pretty uneventful day with heavy headwinds

Track Notes