I slept alright on my second day of experimenting and there is still a lot to learn about organising and managing the sleeping space, but I am getting there.

I was up a couple of times in the night and was up at 7 again with the sun brightening the day. It wasn’t too cold in the night and the morning was reasonable too. I made my b’fast and we hit the road at 8:15. We had planned to go 60 miles to a campsite by a lighthouse and decided to gun down half the distance before a break.

It was a foggy morning and I stayed on my waterproofs for most of the ride. Foggy, with very poor visibility on the road (100 m), but stunning views were to be seen along the beach side. We planned to stop at a light house in-between, but it was closed for renovation and we had to pass it.

The roads were super narrow, and the shoulder non existent, but as it turned out we didn’t have much truck traffic and it was pleasant riding except for a few crazy RV drivers. After a few brief paused we ended up at the midway point and I decided to get some proper lunch. I spotted a subway and headed in for a $5.50 footlong with omelette. Awesome! We also stopped at a big supermarket for resupply and I picked up some veggies to add to the couscous for dinner. Yum.

As we headed out of town, we decided to stop at the Honeyman state park to see the popular sand dunes. It was a warm day and the hike up the dunes was a bit of a task, but it was pretty and the nice little lake to take a dip in. In my usual style, i just dipped my feet in. Joe decided to go for a swim and krissi figured its a good time to try sand boarding.

After the bit of workout, we decided to call it an early evening and stay at the park. The campsite for walk-in’s (hiker-biker sites, as they call them) was really pretty with stunning trees. Tonight I had a particularly interesting challenge putting up my hammock. There were tons or trees, but nothing I could really use. Some of them were too far apart or too wide and I didn’t have enough rope… bummer. I had to improvise a bit and managed to get a reasonably stable hang going. Hopefully it stays up.

As it would turn out we had many other bikers join us at the camp site. we ended up with 8 touring cyclists from around the world. Nice!

Route: Beachside State Park to Honeyman State park
Distance: 57
Ascent: 1850
Descent: 1700
Expenses: 30.63
Comment: Oregon coast lives up to its stunning reputation.

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