I slept pretty well in the tent they provided in the wat and didn’t feel like waking up even when my second alarm went off at 7:15. Finally after I walked out and packed up, it was 8 am. The people at the way asked us a few times if we wanted to eat food, but we figured an early run to the border would be a good idea. But you know, after the 5th time, we decided, what’s half a day when we can get some awesome feed, heh.

We stayed for the morning prayers and the b’fast started at 9am. There were some villagers there eating with us and they seemed really amused by our presence there and joking around. Was fun. We left around 10 and stopped off at a cafe for some Internet time and by the time we hit the immigration it was 11 am and when we finished up with the Laos immigration, it was 12:30 when we hit the road. We could realistically get to Pakse and may be another 20 km or so.

It was a super hot day and I was slow in my bike. Guess all these rest days have taken the ‘bounce off the bungee’.

The route was surprisingly nicer then the Thai side with a few hills peaking out at the distance. The familiar Laos call of Sabaidee was nice to hear again. Chris flew off in the distance and I settled into my own pace and slogged along in the heat.

About 4 pm, I got to Pakse and we decided to stop for ice cream and some dinner. The dinner was some decent Indian food, again Laos surprising me with some good Indian fare. We met a Swiss traveller as we were heading out of town and he mentioned a guest house where he was allowed to sleep in a hammock. Our plan was to go to a nearby temple, but decided to check this place out. The lady running the place was nice and let us camp on the deck overlooking the river for 10,000 kip. It’s not free, but a good spot and decided to stay in.

We met a couple of German girls also biking this region, a couple of Finns and the Swiss traveller. Was pretty nice to chill out with some good travelers here.

Route: Chong Mek to Pakse
Distance: 47 km
Ascent: 200 ft
Descent: 600 ft
Time in saddle: 4:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 11.88
Comments: Good roads heading from Chong Mek to Pakse, there is a few things to explore here, but we are on a schedule to get to vientiane and might not be going off the main road much.

Track Notes