Our presence in Vientiane, and the reason for a long break off the bike, as you know is because Chris’s Bike is unrideable in the hills. Well I was in for a bit of a surprise myself.

Today we started off early and met up with Jo who was about to start off to school. She asked if we could get some eggplants on our way back so she could do show us how to make some nice dishes and also we could help her out with some preparatory work for her cooking class the next day. Well We were ready to help out in the kitchen, Our motto on the road is, if we find a kitchen, we offer to cook and do dishes. Today, we are probably a lot more lucky as we’d learn to make some stuff along the way too!

We left home and the first stop was the hidden B’fast place. This was probably a place not many locals know of as it is really hidden behind a bunch of houses and in a tiny corner. They served some good coffer, awesome pancakes with sticky rice and mango, french toast with bananas and we had a scramble to share too.

Next up was the Myanmese Embassy. The visa process was straightforward, except that they didn’t like it that I was jobless. So I had to report my last job and a 20$ payment and declaring that I won’t poke my nose into the internal affairs of the country got my application accepted. We’d have to wait till Thursday evening to get the passport’s back and I suppose we’d leave town earliest on Friday.

We got a call from Jo and she was waiting for us at a cafe. We met up with her and got some instructions on things we needed to pickup for the cooking class later on 🙂 We headed to Willy’s Bike shop and his diagnosis for Chris was to change the entire drive train and go on 9 speed. I was hoping he could give my bike a good look and see if everything is in ship shape.

In the past few days, my rear brakes were jamming a bit and I thought the barrel needed lube job. But when I was looking at it in the shop, to my horror, one of the spokes had broken and the wheel was out of true which was why the brakes were jamming. Dang. Anyway, very luckily, Willy had a spoke just the right size and replaced the broken one and trued the wheels too. Guess it was time I carried spokes as spares and got him to find a few more for my rear and some for my front wheels too. It was also high time we had a chain cutter between us and I picked one up. Pretty necessary set of items I have come to believe.

We made an appointment to show up in the morning when Willy would have all the spares and we headed back home. Along the way I picked up a metal bottle for my stove fuel too.

In the evening, we joined Jo in cooking up a Moussaka, which is a baked dish with Potatoes, Aubergines, grilled tomatoes and cheese. ANd also helped her make some desserts which she was preparing for her cooking class tomorrow. It was fun playing su-chef and the dinner turned out fantastic. Jo is an amazing cook and she told us of all the dinner parties she hosts in her home. I can imagine she’s really popular given how friendly she is and how amazing the food is too!

Later on we listened to her travel stories which started in Africa, when she was a child and moved to Thailand and Myanmar in her 20’s and back to Europe and eventually is in Laos teaching English and cooking and having a fantastic life!

Distance: 0 km
Ascent: 0 ft
Descent: 0 ft
Time in saddle: 0:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 34.50 (Some bike repairs included in cost)
Comments: Discovering a broken spoke was a good thing, Now I am stocked up with spares!

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