Staying at Rene’s palatial house was nice. He is a real good company and welcomed us with an open heart and we had a good time in the night checking out some of his travel videos and others from cyclists he had met. It was a relaxing evening and we knocked off before midnight.

We were up in the morning by 7 and went along with Rene to have b’fast at our, now usual joint, Manikong Cafe. We made plans to meet for lunch at Lai’s place (another usual hangout for us) and Sent off Rene to his work. Myself and chris bummed at the cafe in the morning trying to work through the poor internet, but it wasn’t very productive and we rode out to meet Rene for lunch. We got our bus tickets, the idea was that with the tickets in hand, we will sure leave the town on a schedule, though this little place has a way of keeping us stuck here, if I am not careful, forever!

During lunch Rene Talked about the Micro Finance model in Laos and the Village Banking ideas and we bounced a bunch of questions and ideas which was nice to do and also gave Rene a little bit of fresh perspective on the theories he is trying to implement in the field.

We rode down to his office to pick up some reading materials and met up with his colleagues who are instrumental in getting this program running in the remote regions. We saw a Map on the wall which showed a bunch of villages (very likely not in any other maps) and we asked about how we could reach some of the spots. These are remote areas with bad roads and some with no roads at all and only connected by rivers. Myself and Chris were in one mind that we should make our way back up here as quickly as possible and explore and spend time in these mountains and villages. Given that we have made some good friends who could advice us on the routes to take and places to see, I cant think of any better place to spend a while in.

I headed back home and relaxed and took some movies from Rene in the early evening.

Later when Rene finished work, we headed into a nice place for dinner called “Minority restaurant” which sold a bunch of tribal inspired food and it was fantastic feed. After that we headed to a pub where Melanie was and spent a while before retiring for the night.

A good way to spend a rest day in this quaint little town.

Distance: 0 km
Ascent: 0 ft
Descent: 0 ft
Time in saddle: 0:00 hrs
Expenses: Sg$ 54.67 (including bus tickets to Vientiane)
Comments: Enjoying the rest and the pleasures of Luang Namtha.

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