I am updating this page since stats show that there is an abnormal number of hits on this page. I suppose people are interested in knowing more about the author and his lifestyle.

For starters, you should have already guessed me to be male. The content on the pages should give you a decent idea of my age too – beginning of middle age but staunchly avoiding any thought of adulthood.

I find it difficult to write about me, though a strong narcissist, somtimes it is difficult to describe oneself without going into too many specific details of life (which incidentally reveals more personal details that I choose to reveal). As a consequence, I will try to update this page when inspiration strikes and I find a slice of my life that reveals more about me without revaling me.

Guess I am not making sense, why not you go and read my stories instead…

In case you are intersted in pictures, you can see some here.