QuickPeek: Rest. Tourism.

The Historic Center of Cusco is an incredible place. The architecture has a combination of Pre incan, Incan and Spanish styles and the city is pretty sweet to walk about in. We spent a good chunk of time here mainly eating at numerous vegan cafes and visiting some pretty low key archeological sites.

The Main drag for tourism here is the close access to Machu Pichu and the numerous hikes and excursions on offer. We were here mostly to relax and also to visit one of the places Krista had her mind on. Suffice to say, we did not visit any of the popular tourism haunts nor did we do much hiking. It was just a cheap gourmet fest for the numerous days we spent here.

Our time in Cusco comes to an end and I figured I will return at another opportunity to ride thro these beautiful valleys and visit some of the historical sites. Till then, here’s a few pictures of places in and around Cusco.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 135.31
Comments: Cusco is choke full of tourists and for a good reason too.