QuickPeek: Tourism.

I am running out of time on my Bolivian visa and given I had to leave the country on the 30th, I had to head out of our lovely little space with Luis and hit the road. We decided to head out leisurely and avoid the peak traffic and catch a noon time bus to a small town called Cochabamba. Little did we know that the traffic in La Paz had no peak setting. We left home at 11 and it took nearly an hour to get to the outskirts of the city and within town, the 3-4 km from the entrance to the bus station took nearly 1.5 hrs. Shucks!

We hopped off eventually and picked up a 1:30 bus to Copacabana. This was the big town along Lago Titicaca and we figured it might be interesting to visit the lake before heading out to Peru (on the other side of the lake). There was a short boat crossing which we had to pay separately and got to town around 6pm. I had looked up a hostel in town which was well known for their vegan foods and thought we might stay there.

When we got to the place, I realized I had made a mistake with the booking dates, shucks. But the feller running the place was real nice and found some space for us in a little hobbit house that was incredibly cozy. The door was literally 2 ft tall and it was a bit of a challenge getting inside and once in, I felt like Gandalf in Bilbo’s house, heh.

The entire town was overrun with tourism, both local and foreign. The Local tourism was mostly people who were bringing their new cars to get blessed by the black Virgin in the cathedral. Teh foreign tourists were the usual, hunting for the next spot they can instagram. The beack was like being in Pattaya in high season, bars and cheap restaurants all along. Shucks.

Anyway, We figured we might just hang about and see what the next day brings. We had an amazing b’fast at the hostel and after a while went for a walkabout to see what was happening. This being the weekend, there were tons of people all around with a big market and festivities all over. It was a bit too much and we spotted a quiet trail where we could sit around without being bothered for a while.

After a nice lunch and a change of dorms, we decided to head up a little hill to catch a good sunset and returned back to the cozy hostel for the night. Overall, I suppose Lake Titicaca was a sacred spot with some incredible history, but in reality it’s just another playa with shit tons of tourists and non stop commerce. Ah well, onward to Peru now and let’s see what it brings!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 42.80
Comments: Lake titicaca turned out to be a bit less of a quiet spot and more of an intense tourist destination.