QuickPeek: Rest. Cooking. Tourism. Dogs!

Leaving Oruro was a bit of fun. We were up and ready to hit the road and as we headed out of the small hostel we were at, we noticed that there traffic was super light. Hmmm, there had been one or another sort of protest pretty much every day here and this seemed to be one more of those.

We had a coffee at a small store and the lady informed us that it was a protest for hiking the transport fares. I walked about and asked a policeman and he informed me that the inter-city buses were not affected. So we walked up to the terminal and were confronted with an empty space and were informed that all roads were blocked and they were not sure when the “bloqueo” will be lifted. Bummer.

We waited for an hour or so and just as we started to head back into town one of the buses were willing to sell tickets for a evening ride and we got tickets, just in case, even though the price was hiked from 25 to 40. We were able to store the bags in their office and headed back to town to grab a lunch at Govinda! It was incredible to see that some of the mini vans were fleecing people for 80 BOB!!! So much for socialism eh!

When we got back to the terminal, it turned out that the bloqueo was lifted and the tickets went back to their cheap fares. It was a winding and slow ride towards Cochabamba and we got to town at 10 pm!

We had a really lovely host in town and he had given us super explicit instructions on how to get to his place and it was a easy ride up to his home! We were invited by Carmelo, Paola and their mum very warmly with some snack and tea and that would be the beginning of a few ultra comfortable days at their home!

The last few days we spent in the super homely and adorable company of Carmelo’s family and their sweet collection of 7 incredible sweet and cute dogs! A lovely garden, a great kitchen and superb company! Indeed was a little bit of paradise here! We spent time with lovely conversations and an incredible array of food!

One of the evenings, Carmelo took us around town and showed us some of the sights of Cochabamba. On another day, we headed up to the nearby town of Quillacollo to visit a church and a pilgrimage sight which was known for its miracles!

I made a couple of meals, one of it cane out good the other was an attempt at vadai which was a bit of a flop! Bummer. I realised that the garbanzo was super old and made for a terrible batch! Got to learn from this and be aware next time! Carmelo’s mum gave me some nice instructions of making batter with wheat flour and eggs to make veggie fritters in!

We had to reluctantly bid farewell to this really generous and kind family and made our way towards La Paz on an overnight bus.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 42.50
Comments: Everyone we met had mentioned Cochabamba was a bit of an off town... But with Carmelo we had an absolutely wonderful time in Cochabamba.