QuickPeek: Walking. Cooking. Rest.

The road out of Samaipata towards sucre seemed to be pretty curvy and with either gravel or tons of potholes. The bus jolted a lot and with the seats not being high enough, I had to get into odd positions to get any sleep at all. The 8:30 bus showed up at 10 and the 12 hr journey turned out to be a 9 hr trip and we ended up in sucre at 7 am! Well it was bright and sunny and the air was brisk and felt like a nice place to be.

I found a public phone and called our host who showed up in 10 mins on his bike and we took a cab up to his place. Gonzalo, our host, lived on the higher elevations of town and the view of Potosi was pretty from his place. We could easily spot all the major parts of town and the main streets we’d walk about in the next few days! Gonzalo was upfront about charging us 15B’s for hosting and per night. It was pretty reasonable ask and he was a friendly chap and offered a kitchen and a private space to sleep! His family was super friendly too and it was indeed nice to hangout at his place than at a hostel.

We spent the day walking about sucre and soon realized that the tourism had taken deep roots here and there was pretty much nothing we could walk in for free… Even most churches were charging us for entrance. Fuck that, we decided to just explore the various streets in the historic center. We ended up hitting the market a few times to resupply and it was obvious that though there was reasonably priced veggies on offer, this was a seriously Meat intensive culture.

Gonzalo offered for us to use his kitchen too and we ended up making a meal for his family on one of the days. The town was super polluted and we were pretty happy to be up in the hill away from the traffic and the dust. There was a short hike up to a chapel near Gonzalo’s place and it was interesting to see some old school rituals getting performed complete with strange smoky fires, desiccated reptiles and what not. Pretty interesting stuff.

After 3 days in sucre, we decided that we might go on and explore a different town! Potosi was about 3 hrs away and of incredible historical significance as it used to be the world’s biggest silver mine at some point in the past! Well might be interesting to see how that part of Bolivia is, eh.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 53.20
Comments: I enjoy being at a local host so much more than heading up a hostel.