QuickPeek: Rest.

I thought Bolivia was primarily Altiplano. All the tourism promos for the country seem to focus on the highlands and the cultural aspects of it, but in reality about 70% of Bolivia is tropical or sub tropical and very very hot! It’s winter, but the weather is in its mid 20’s here in Yacuiba and we learned that as we headed north East, we enter the lower ends of the Amazon rainforest where the summer temperatures get up to 40C++ and stays super humid with wide navigable rivers with all sorts of animals, birds and reptiles! Who’d have known, eh!

We had a really nice friend of Lucia’s, at Yacuiba, Alberto. He had been in the region for the past few years to setup a Grape farm which was expected to start yielding this year! The place was pretty with a very well organised farm with a lot of other plants, they even had Moringa and banana trees in the property! Sweet!

Alberty was a really interesting chap with a lot of experience in a variety of fields and was an avid conversationalist. We spent the evenings chatting over some dinner and wine every day and it was fun hanging out.

Our time there was cut short a bit because we heard that there was going to be a road block to protest against the low quality of healthcare. We were lucky that we heard about the protest a day earlier and decided to head out the same night. Alberto was super helpful with all aspects of our stay and exit from Yacuiba and even dropped us at the bus station and made sure the bus was on schedule before we parted ways. It was great to have met him and after the crazy experience crossing the border, it was nice to have a couple of days of breathing time before continuing on with the trip!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 20.80
Comments: Bolivia has a bit of a surprise in it!