QuickPeek: Rest. Cooking.

After the lovely time in Ledesma, we headed back to Jujuy primarily to take care of some eye niggles that Krista had been having. I suppose it was a great decision as she managed to take care of everything and our host Lucia was incredibly supportive and allowed us to hang about in her place.

I spent the days walking about town and imagining things I could cook. I figured I could make vadai al Horno (baked version) and after consulting some recipe sources, got enough courage to try it. It wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty tasty and for avoiding deep frying, I think it was an excellent tasting grub. Lucia’s son Manuel was visiting once in a while and we had him join us for lunches too!

We had a great time making food in turns and eating some stunning grub. I got pretty confident with using the Oven and decided to try something completely drastic. Something even mom hadn’t tried. I had seen a picture of a whole roasted cauliflower and it looked amazing. I figured with my newly picked up ability to wield the oven, I might give it a try. I improvised a bit on the recipe, and decided to add a splash of color.

I found a really pretty looking cauliflower and a stunning head of spinach in the market and made a roasted cauliflower with palak sauce. It was a double sauce setup with a coating of spicy tomato sayce for roasting and a brilliant green palak with coconuts as topping. I was pleasantly surprised at how the whole thing turned out and honestly, it tasted brilliant! Yum yum! Well more variations coming added to my quiver now 🙂

We met up with Stella one of these days for a cup of coffee and a long chat and it was lovely to catch up with her once more before we left Jujuy! We spent another session with Lucia and her friends at her English class and it was nice to extend the network of friends in town! I like Jujuy, the town had some really lovely people, is situated in a really stunning location and has a lot to offer. It’s a bummer to leave this place, but Bolivia awaits and more adventure’s in the offing! yay!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 70.53
Comments: Great time experimenting with cooking!