QuickPeek: Rest. Hike. Cooking.

Ledesma was a working town. Diego explained the history of its Sugar cane farms and the processing plant that pretty much defined the little town.over time the industry became the identity of town and the entire city depended on one single company for survival. There was a lot of pride in the company among the people and it seemed that the company was doing good for the populace too. A symbiotic relation that seemed to be working well for many decades!

Diego was an incredible feller with a generous heart and was fun to hang out with. He had so much information on history, the music and the nature around. Him being an agro Engineer, he shared much information on the variation of the nature in Jujuy, which started from high altitude desert to semi-arid valley to a tropical jungle to steppes! This place had it all!!

Diego had invited a couple of other couch surfers and the young french girls were nice and fun to hang out with. This being a weekend, Diego was free and offered to show us around Ledesma. My main idea of coming here was to have an opportunity to visit the Parque Nacional Calilegua and diego had done extensive hiking around and we went on a nice long hike on some pretty lovely trails. It was incredible to be in pretty tropical jungle with superb bird life (and from what I hear, they have Jaguars, Monkeys, Tapir’s and what not!!). The surprising part was that about 20 km on either side were nearly desert landscapes!

On Sunday, Diego offered to take the girls up to a small village called San Francisco up in the hills and invited us to join them. I had heard of this village for its access to good hiking, hot springs and a pretty huge altar to Pachamama. The route was lovely and Diego was incredible knowledgeable about the area and it was nice to see the place thro his eyes. Some of the Inca trails in the hills were super tempting and I hope to be back to do some multi day hikes here, in the right season.

I made some food for the past couple of days which came out pretty well and was a nice way to end long days out and about! Ledesma could have been a town that had nothing, but with meeting Diego and having spent time, it turned out to be a very memorable place indeed!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 20.74
Comments: Diego was a really nice host and we had a lovely time hanging out!