QuickPeek: Tourism. Bus ride.

I tried to stay up yesterday in the day to avoid a jet lag and when the night hit, I slept like a dog! It was almost 9 AM when I was up and had to rush to get packed up to leave the hostel at 10 AM. The hostel guy was friendly, but had mentioned that 10 AM was the exit time a few times. luckily though he was not too much of a stickler for time and we spent the next hour or so chatting with him and a friend of his, who had a bit more info on the ceremonies and traditions of the region.

The plan for the day was to head to El Hornocal, a 30 km ‘taxi’ ride up the hills to see the rainbow mountains. But it was ideal to head there in the later part of the day and so we had to while away a good part of the day. We headed to a cafe and hung out for a couple of hours. Out host and friend from Jujuy, Stella, was in town for work and was free to meet up during lunch. So we hung out in the plaza and met Stella. It was nice to meet up with her and after a brief time catching up, she had to head back to work and we decided to head out around 3 pm to the taxi stand to find a ride up to the view point.

As we arrived at the 4×4 taxi stand, we were lucky to find another tourist from Buenos Aires who wanted to head up too. The Taxi would usually go only if they had 4 people. As this was low season, the feller was waiting for more than an hour and the taxi driver decided to carry on with just 3 of us. Sweet.

It was a 40 min ride up the steep hill and we were at 4300m when we hit the view point and had to walk down a little bit to get a good view of the El Hornocal Range. It was incredible sight and hard to really capture the awesomeness of the sight and well worth hanging out. I wish I had the opportunity to do some sort of a hike around the region. From the look of it, there seem to be an abundance of trails wither from the Incan period or from recent times, but one could go and walk about for days or weeks at a stretch in any direction.

The climb up to the car park was surprisingly tough and I realised it was mostly due to the elevation. After the visit, we were taken back to the village from where we took a bus back to Jujuy and followed it with another bus to a small town called Lebesma or Libertador General San Marcos where I had communicated with a host and we were received by Diego at the bus station and took us to his place in his car. Perfect! We chatted a bit in the night before knocking off pretty soon.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 47.48
Comments: El Hornocal was an absolutely incredible place.