QuickPeek: Rest. Cooking.

We bid goodbyes to Stella and Luciano and in the rainy evening, headed out into town to meet our Lucia. It was easy to spot Lucia’s home and she was waiting for us and invited us into her beautiful home complete with impressive art and very tastefully done decor. Her place was a guesthouse of sorts, but she makes exceptions for long term travellers and hosts people all the time. We were shown into a really lovely spot with a garden up front and lovely surroundings.

In the evening, she offered us dinner and we chatted quite a bit. The next day, Krista wanted to head to a hospital to check out some minor niggle in her eyes and we were up at 4 am to join the queue in the public hospital (which was free). But after 6 hours of waiting, we didn’t get any decent advice and ended up visiting a private clinic to meet a specialist. Well I diverge.

That day, we met Lucia’s son and invited him to join us for a dinner I planned to make. He was unable to join, but we made a nice meal and had a nice evening with Lucia discussing various interesting topics and her book and her experiences. We eventually knocked off after making lans to head out the next day towards north to join in a night long vigil for the winter solstice. Brrr. Well we planned to come back to Jujuy after the weekend and meet up with Lucia and hang out a bit more.

The couple of days once again flew by and it was amazing to meet 2 amazing women back to back and get to know a little more about them and their incredible lives.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 16.41
Comments: Yet another beautiful person along our way!