QuickPeek: Cooking. Walkabout.

We started the day really early as the bus out was at 8 AM and we bid farewell to Alexandra and Cami and walked up in freezing weather. Teh bus was a few minutes late but was nice and warm and comfy. The route out of San Pedro was desolate to say the least and the views, though stark, were absolutely mesmerising! It climbed and climbed kept going until I literally had to gasp for air and then then descended towards Paso Jama. Along the way, there was ton of snow and I can see why the pass could be shut down often during these times.

We went thro the immigration and I spotted a couple of cyclists there. brave of them to be travelling thro during this epoch. They seemed to have hitch-biked to the pass and that definitely seemed like a wise choice, especially with the amount of truck traffic along the way.

At the pass we were delayed for a couple of hours as there was some trouble in the Argentinian side of the border. The trucks were being prevented from crossing into Chile due to the weather and so the truckers were staging a road block and not allowing traffic thro. Ouch! Eventually the bus driver managed to convince them to let us pass and we rode away and into argentina.

We reached Jujuy (love that name) and headed up to meet our host Stella in town. It was late evening and she spotted us on the busy street and took us to her place slightly out of town and away from much of the noise and crowd. Sweet!

Stella was an amazing person and was currently writing a book and was staying with her son in a really quiet neighbourhood. The view outside her place was spectacular and her warm house with plenty of good conversations was really nice to spend time in.

We spent a day hanging out at her place and working away the nausea from the bus ride. In the evening, I made some food with Quinoa, Broccoli and some other veggies I bought in the neighbourhood. The next day, Stella offered to show me how to make empanadas and we eventually ended up making and eating a ton of really lovely Argentinian empanadas. She showed me a trick to make a makeshift oven with a cast iron skillet. Sweet idea!

We had an absolutely smashing time at her place and with her being busy during the week, we decided to head back to town and meet another host I had got in touch with. Jujuy was shaping up to be a nice place to be in, that’s for sure!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 12.17
Comments: It was incredible to be received into a lovely home with a warm heart! Thanks Stella!!