QuickPeek: Sun. Hike. Cooking.

Though there are some pretty solid places one could take a tour to in San Pedro, we decided to explore as much as we could on foot. So today we decided to walk in a different direction and see what was in store. There was a possibility to rent bikes and head further out, but with some charming options within a 8-10 km range, we figured, walking might be fun. Further, the trail underfoot was mostly soft sand and gravel and given my lack of skills on a bike, I figured on foot was a better option.

We headed out north and after a few k’s on a dirt road, we took a unmarked trail off into the desert. We headed towards a pretty steep cliff with a cutoff in the middle. It looked like a place we could climb over rocks and get to the ridge. As we neared, it seemed like a lot of people had partied hard in the area and there were tons of garbage and broken bottles all around. Once we got up and over the rock fall, however, the garbage disappeared and we were in some pristine nature. The trail kept going along in any direction one chose to pursue.

On my maps, there seemed to be some marked trails and I decided to stick to them. The trail led to a bit of a cliff and after heading down, we got on to a canyon formed by a creek. It was marked as the devils creek and it was twisting and turning all along and was a stunning route to walk. The weather was perfect, blue skies, good sun and cool breeze, conditions I could pretty much walk on forever. There was a lot of bicycle treads on the trail, but we encountered only one person all day long.

The patterns carved out by the water and wind was stunning lots of mineral deposits made the are pretty sparkly and shiny. After walking about 12 k’s or so, we eventually ended the trail on a mud track by the river. From here on it was a 8 k walk back into San Pedro. We walked about 4-5 km when we spotted a car driving down. The feller was pretty friendly and picked us up and dropped us in the village, Sweet.

I got some veggies to make dinner and headed back home.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 17.70
Comments: Twisty turny hike was pretty lovely indeed.